Equipment Reviews

Amber’s Sticks:

  • Stockli Spirit
  • Elan Black Magic
  • Atomic Century

Daughters Skis:

Patrick’s Sticks

Ok, I am not the picture of graceful skiing my wife & daughter are.  I hammer my turns with brute force and win nothing.  I ski for fun and put a grin on my face.  Maybe I should listen to my wife’s constant corrective turning and instruction.  Nah, that intrudes on the fun…  With that being said, here’s my thoughts / opinions…


  • Atomic SX12 Supercross

Stiff ski that likes to carve at speed.  Anything short of that and it makes me work for everything.  Needs speed to make it work or the right mix of groomed run for me.  Powder drops down too much for me.  They are named SuperCross for a reason… Skiing at Nakiska , those Olympic flat downhill wide runs these skis put a smile on. Skis were great, Atomic Bindings  though ejected me on several occasions, with almost drastic consequences,  and finally something broke inside;  Common issue with the binding;  Never felt safe in the binders even though factory replaced them under warranty.

  • Salomon Snowblades

Ok, technically not skis at all.  Skied on these for a couple seasons and put the love of skiing back in.  Yes, they are way different , almost snowboard like;  touch the snow type turns and a heck of a lot of fun.  Go try a pair and see for yourself on a no powder day and rip some fun. Also awesome for teaching young kids, you can skate them back uphill… no lift required (AED on standby…)

  • K2 Recoil (159cm)

I really like these skis;  purchased too small;  easy to spin and carve;  I want additional length.  Would purchase these again.  My first intro to twin tips and would recommend / purchase again.  Too chattery in that short length;  Purchase to see what spinning is like and whether I liked skiing backwards and not tripping.  Decided to buy the longer ones below…

  • Ninthward Le Compte (176cm)

Skis carve great all over the mountain; These camber skis carve up  all groomed / park terrain;  not bad in some powder,but no powder skis are they;  Just work them like the old skool powder skier, and learn to jump and initiate…  or go grab the fatty powders…



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